Still having a fabulous time over here. Weather was gorgeous, except for now when we have arrived in London!!

Last week we have been to the Greek isles, including Santorini which was just gorgeous and all the way back through Italy, stopping at Sicily, Naples, Rome and Florence. Barcelona was amazing!! Have to keep pinching ourselves we are here.

Got off the ship yesterday and now in London. Hoping to see a show tonight (last minute sales available) and also do the whole tourist thing on the buses. Next four days in London and then we get back on the ship to do the Baltics. Time is going very fast, but having a great time so that is the main thing.

Food is everywhere – have never eaten so much in all my life!! It is just too good not to!!

Hope all is well back there.

Lots of love,


One Response to “Day 14 – Arrive London”

  • llkable says:

    Sounds like you are having a great time. Thanks for the updates each day it feels like we are all travelling with you. Everything is great back here in Oz.
    Lots of Love Cynthia