Leaving off from yesterday’s email, we had a little pub crawl last night. Found an awesome little pub across from Gloucester Street Station – was totally packed but we were lucky enough to find a table. Everyone was glued to the screen watching the cricket. There was even another Aussie cheering when the Poms got out!! Haha! We stayed for a couple (Luke had a gallon – 4 pints) and we headed off for the next pub. Didn’t realise this was going to be a 15 minute walk – thought there were pubs on every corner. Visited a couple more establishments before heading back to my favourite in Gloucester Street where we had tea as well. Short walk back to the hotel, stopping in at the local deli to pick up dessert on the way. Very nice indeed! Over here, they have more fresh food shops like deli’s and patisseries, I think they shop day to day – everyone appears to live in units which can range from being quite small to 5 bedrooms, etc. There were apartments in the paper for sale at a size of 50 square feet!! Every few blocks there are garden blocks which are locked. They belong to the residents so they can have a backyard or somewhere to get some space. Parking is at a premium, as with everywhere else in Europe.

Today we thought we would stay local. We took the short stroll up to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. Within Kensington Gardens we found Kensington Palace. The guard opened the gates at 10am and it usually stays open until later in the day. While walking through the gardens, we noticed lots of people walking their dogs – again, must be a lifestyle thing with the dogs living in the units and only getting out occasionally. We continued our walk over to Hyde Park and to the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. This was really lovely and there were lots of children playing in the fountain. It was a good opportunity to reflect and relax. The entire public space here is around 230 acres, and our next stop was the Italian fountains located in the north of the park.

Walking out of the park, we decided to get a taxi and go to see where Wimbledon was. On our tourist map, it appeared as though it was quite close. However after a $30 pound taxi fair, we realised it was almost all the way to Heathrow. We went to the tourist shop and had a look around. We then caught the bus back to Wimbledon township and got on the train back to Earl’s Court, which is close to Kensington. We had some lunch here at an Italian restaurant before heading back for Siesta. We decided to walk so took around 20 minutes to get back.

After Siesta, we went to the pub to have some tea. Luke was looking forward to the pie of the day, while I had to try the fish and chips in London! We then took another walk in a different direction to South Kensington before heading back to the hotel.

Heading off tomorrow for Dover to get on our ship. Have had a good time in London.

Lots of Love,

Lara & Luke

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