We left early as we had to get to the station and we were aware that we would be in the midst of peak-hour traffic. After our experiences with the cab fares, we thought it best to make a move early. Didn’t matter in the end anyway as we got a very flashy ride to the station in a Mercedes Benz!! And, it only cost $20 pounds. The hotel arranged it for us, and it must have been a fixed cost deal as he took all the backstreets and we seemed to get there before we knew it. We had time to grab the newspapers and run for the train which we just made. The train ride was around 2 hours and we got to see much of the English countryside – very different to London of course – there were actually houses!

As we came into Dover on the train, we could see our ship on the right at the port. It looks very much similar to the other ship we were on in the Mediterranean. We got a taxi straight to the port and checked in. From the ship, you could really see the ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ – they really stood out. Photos are attached.

On the ship, we realised that it is almost an exact replica of the last one, just a couple of changes – a couple more restaurants and bars, etc. We are in a similar cabin to last time, only smaller which makes us appreciate what we had last time. We set sail for Copenhagen at 4pm and wow, the seas here are a lot different to what we are used to from the Mediterranean. We have experienced gale force winds (48 knots) and very cool temperatures since we left. We do not arrive at Copenhagen until Sunday morning so 2 nights at sea. We have passed lots of ships and also oil rigs, which are lit up at night making them very pretty to see. We are cruising at around 20 knots.

Tomorrow we will have a look at the shore excursions and have a better look at the ship.


Lots of love,


Lara & Luke.

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