Today we were at sea. The sea was choppy and we felt a lot of movement on board. We had a very lazy day, not leaving the room until after 2pm (we are honeymooners after all) and having a late lunch.

We organised our first couple of tours. Firstly, Berlin and St Petersburg – these were the most sought after tours and we still managed to get a spot on both. We were still deciding on Sweden and the rest, so we left these for more discussion.

We went up to the ‘Crow’s Nest’ which has a great view from the front of the ship. We sat and played trivia for a while before Luke had a massage on his back – it is still very bad and making tours awkward as he is in so much pain.

I had a quick sleep back in the room and we then went for dinner. The ship has an Italian restaurant and the food is gorgeous.

Then, back to bed. We have Copenhagen port to discover in the morning so need plenty of relaxation time!!


Lots of Love,


Lara & Luke.

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