We woke up today in Copenhagen. We could not get on a tour because only those departing the ship were on the priority list. So, we decided to have a look ourselves.

We caught a taxi from the port into the Queen’s Palace. It was strange to just be able to roll up to where they live, particularly in contrast to England where everything is so guarded. We took some photo’s here and walked towards the town centre. We found a river cruise and took it, which led us around the harbour and to see some of the sights including the Palace. We hopped off once we arrived back to where we started and found a pub to have a beer. The pub was very cosy and warm, considering we had been out in the wind and rain!! Freezing on the water! We then went to find somewhere to eat lunch. There were lots of eateries around the water and we found one that looked nice – however the food is a little different. We had a tasting plate which had herring!! I don’t think I have ever had it before and it was surprisingly nice. Also, chicken and mushroom salad (like potato salad but no potato), a huge slab of brie cheese, bread, lard for spread (!), deep fried herring and green salad. Very nice!

We then walked back into the main shopping district – considering it was Sunday, there was lots to look at. However the two big department stores were shut which was disappointing. We walked all the way to the Tivoli Museum and finally found a chemist for Luke to get drugs for his back! Still not good! We ended up getting a cab from here back to the ship. We stopped in for some cocktails after booking the remainder of our tours. We booked tours for Stockholm, Estonia, Kiel (Germany) and Copenhagen on our return.

We had dinner last night in the restaurant overlooking the back of the ship as we left Copenhagen (Luke is correcting me as I type saying it is the stern) and a beautiful sunset.

Tomorrow is Berlin, so looking forward to that.


Lots of love,


Lara & Luke.

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