Yesterday we were at sea heading towards Sweden. After a lazy sleep in, we went down and had some breakfast – obviously everyone else had the same idea to sleep in and the buffet was packed! We had a wander around the ship and walked all the way around on level 3. 3 laps around on level 3 is a mile! After our walk we found ourselves in the onboard shops. The shops are themed to where you are in the world – omg, the fur coats were amazing but also expensive. I was looking at a gorgeous leather jacket with fur trim and almost fell over when saw the price tag of $4,000 US on special!!! Just kept walking. But, found a really cool hat as per picture. Also picked up a couple of evening bags for $10 US each – total bargain!!! Luke was just browsing.

After all of this exhaustive exercise, we found ourselves at the Ocean Bar and couldn’t help but have a champagne and Luke had a beer. Well, that was the end of us!! Next stop was the casino which is only ever open while at sea. This is typical Luke, he ends up scoring a major prize – $US 2,150!!!! The tax lady was the first on the scene and asked us where we were from. If we had been from US, would have lost half the winnings!! Lucky we are from Aus and we already pay too much tax and no tax was billed. They paid it to us in cash and Luke decided to pay $2,000 off the bill. This is great and pays for most of our onshore excursions. We were very happy J

Lunch, more drinks, then on to Trivia at 4pm in the Crows Nest bar. We came second – lucky we found some smart people who knew stuff (like the chemical symbol for Mercury!) and lots of questions in relation to US. Most of the people on this ship, like the last, are Americans. Some are nice, but most are an absolute pain in the arse!!!!!! Think they are better than everyone else. You can be having a conversation with them, and it is all just about them. They can sometimes walk away and not even know we are Aussies!! So glad to be an Aussie!!!

We had a nap after this and then got ready for tea at the Tamarind Restaurant. The ship has a couple of ‘boutique’ restaurants and all you pay is $10 US each for a little better quality. Nothing wrong with the Dining Room at all, but just a little more upmarket. Food was Asian and was gorgeous!! I am still drooling over my curry!!

In Sweden tomorrow. Looking forward to it!


Lots of love,


Lara & Luke.


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