Today we awoke to the ship cruising into Stockholm. The water was extremely calm and the surroundings were beautiful. Today we were booked on two tours, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. The morning tour was an overview of the city so we could see the major sites. We went to a lookout and were able to take some great photo’s from this viewpoint.

We came back to the ship after this where we had some lunch.

Next tour was fantastic. We first had another drive around the city before visiting the Stockholm Absolut Ice Bar. The bar is completely made from ice brought in from the north of the country. The ice is so clear and pure in places it looks like plastic. It was amazing. We had to acclimatise by putting on poncho’s and mittens! The temperature is around minus five degrees. The waiter gave us a complimentary glass of Absolut Vodka with fruit juice (mango and pineapple – just gorgeous). We loved it!! Apparently they also have these bars in Copenhagen and in the north of Sweden.

We then went to the old part of the town and had a look around. Cobblestones again!!! Makes it difficult to walk and hard on your feet. The weather today was the best it has been on this second cruise – Stockholm was around 28 degrees today which was perfect. A few of the Americans were complaining about it!!! How typical!

The tour guide taught us a few words, Hey (hello) and tak (thank you), she was really lovely.

Tomorrow is Estonia. Don’t know too much about it so am looking forward to the history.


Lots of love,


Lara & Luke

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