Today we awoke in the port of Tallin, Estonia. Estonia used to be part of the USSR and was made independent in 1991. It is a very small country located to the west of Russia.

Our tour today was of the old town of Tallin as well as a trip to a traditional summer resort town in Estonia. We lost another hour travelling between Sweden and Estonia overnight, so a bit of a rush around when we realised we had lost an hour. Our first stop on the tour was the small community of Padise where there stood an ancient monastery.

Next, we drove over to Haapsalu, which is a resort town on the west side of Estonia – it took us around 2 hours to get there. We visited the old town of Haapsalu first and then travelled to the hotel for lunch. The hotel was situated on the waterfront so lovely views. The weather in Haapsalu is the best you get up in these parts. Yesterday was around 28 degrees and the host said this was very unusual heat. The water temperature was only 17 degrees and everyone was in there in swimsuits – must be crazy!!

We then travelled back to Tallin to visit the old part of the city. Great views from up here and we had time to do some shopping.

We got back to the ship around 4pm and we set sail at around 4.45pm for Russia. We decided to have tea in the Asian restaurant again before heading back to the casino. Needless to say we had a good time and a very, very late night.

St Petersburg and a long couple of days coming up.


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