Another day, another tour. Today we woke up and our tour was to the summer palace of Peter the Great and then back to the city.

The Summer Palace was unbelievable! Better than Catherine’s Palace yesterday. Not so much for the inside palace, but for the grounds! This palace was, too, burnt by the Nazi’s once they left and has again been painfully restored. But, the gardens were the really stunning feature. The fountains were started at 11am and we were there to watch. They play some sort of Russian music while they set off the fountains in order and the crowds around the area made it the event all that much bigger. We had lunch in the gardens before heading back to St Petersberg via a hydrofoil, which took around 30 minutes.

Once back in the city, we were taken for a photo stop at St Isaacs Church and the statue of Nicholas III (our guide was certain this tsar was a tyrant!). Again, once back in the bus, we visited the Church of Spilled Blood. This was where Nicholas II was murdered and his son Nicholas III took the throne. The church was very beautiful with the works inside consisting most of mosaics. However, having seen St Peters Basilica in Rome, nothing quite measures up!! We were allowed time for some shopping and then transferred back to the ship. While it doesn’t sound a lot, we have had quite a long 3 days and are quite tired. Looking forward to gaining an hour as we head to Helsinki, Finland tonight.

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