Today we arrived in Kiel Germany. This is our second visit to Germany. Our tour today was to take us to the city of Hamburg which is about 100kms away from Kiel. Hamburg is the 6th largest port in the world with around 200 ships on average arriving or leaving the port daily.

We got to Hamburg around 10am and stopped first at the Lutheran Church with the statue of Martin Luther out the front. We then got back on the bus for a tour of the many districts of Hamburg and different parts of the city. We drove past the part of the city that was completely destroyed by fire back in 1943. Something like 40,000 people died in one night in the fire. They left a burnt out church standing (included in the photos) in remembrance of the devastating fire! Next stop was for lunch at a traditional Hamburg eatery. We had bratwurst sausage with potato salad and green salad. The sausage was nice and we were of course served beer with lunch. After lunch we had some free time where we had a walk around the city. Luke was desperate to find a hamburger in Hamburg, but to no avail. All that we could find was Kranski sandwiches and beer!!! Must be the traditional lunch on the run over here! Lots of American influence here, Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King, etc. Takes away a bit from the authenticity of the city.

We then headed back to the ship. On the way we drove over the Kiel Canal and could take photos of where the canal starts. Very interesting to see.

Tomorrow we are in Copenhagen and we leave Europe for Hong Kong. Sad to be leaving!!! Have had such a wonderful time and has been a very eye-opening experience. Such a different way of life over here compared to Australia. It has been fantastic!

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