Today we spent the day at sea. We had a very lazy morning, having breakfast delivered to the room and then falling back to sleep only to wake at 11am.

Luke decided to go and have a look at the shops while I got ready for the day. There were some specials on the ship so we spent up big!! We went for a walk around the ship and ended up by the pool. We spent a lazy couple of hours before we both went for a Hot Stone Massage. It was magic!! Especially on the feet and legs which are feeling very tired by now. After a couple of pre-dinner drinks we had dinner in the dining room. Since we had such a lazy day, I decided to try the escargot (snails) for entree!! Never had snails before and they were actually really nice!

After leaving dinner we decided to head up to the pool again and we were surprised to find a dessert extravaganza. The chefs had been preparing all day and you can see from the photos what they accomplished. It was amazing!

We are continuing to head west back towards Copenhagen. Tomorrow we arrive at Kiel, our gateway to Hamburg. Looking forward to a trip to the city.